Panchatatva is the manifestation of life’s in core elements. Agni, Jal, Vayu and Akash, rightfully then, are inspired by life. Its vivid colours, its surprising patterns and its varied designs. The vision of Panchatatva is to bring a new dimension to day-to-day life by passing on these wonderful gifts culled out from nature and life itself.

The five elements provide the foundation for entire physical world – as the building blocks of all the material existence. To inculcate a sense of loyalty, team spirit and healthy competition, Shreeyans from Grade I onwards are divided into five houses. Each house is under a charge of a House master Mistress.

“I am the source of Light, heat and energy. I prepare the ground for new life.”
Agni symbolizes passion, energy, impulse, enthusiasm, inspiration, idealism, faith, motivation and creative energy.
“I am solid, yet I am steadily in motion”.
Prithvi symbolizes practicality, stability, materialism, realism, builders of long-lasting structures with strength.
“I am an eternally flowing element”.
Jal symbolizes the nurturer, the caretaker and the creator.
“Constant motion is my aim, change and renewal is my way”.
Vayu symbolizes universal power, pure substance, mental processes, language, intellect, reason, human communication and social relationships.
“i am the basic and essence of all living things in the material world”.
Akash symbolizes space, purity , immutability, and vibrations of light and sound.