Chairman’s Desk

With so much of dramatic transformation taking place in the field of education, it becomes imperative for educators to accept, adopt and acclimatize to this much needed social change. It gives me immense pleasure to share, that Gyanshree too has begun its journey to reinvent itself. Under the able leadership of the Director, the Principal and committed workforce, tables are set for building new paradigms, both in the scholastic and co scholastic domains of pedagogy.

Having gone global and thrown open our doors to the winds of change, we have a ground breaking and innovative system of education in place, where paramount importance is given to developing and honing values of Indianness and good citizenship, thereby enabling the 21st century learners to take pride in and valuing their identity with introspection and openness.

I congratulate all the stakeholders for lending their unstinting support in shaping the Shreeyans efficaciously, making the most of their electrifying energy, youthful enthusiasm and adventurous spirit. My advice to the young Shreeyans would be – flinch not from the path of righteousness and forge ahead in fulfilling your dreams and passion. Last but not the least 'Think India!'

My Good wishes to all!
Manohar Lal Agarwal

Mr. M.L Agarwal