Admission Process

Applicants who are granted admission will be informed via SMS or mail and will need to complete the following formalities:-

  • Payment of fee to be made within one week of confirmation, failing of which, admission will stand cancelled.
  • First payment to be made by Demand Draft or Cheque only.
  • Demand Draft must be in the name of "Gyanshree School”, Payable at Delhi.
  • The name of your ward, grade and telephone no. should be written at the back of the Demand Draft/ Cheque.
  • Admission will be provisional till all the documents are submitted to the Admission Department and subject to realization of the payment.
  • The School has the right to cancel the admission if any information furnished at the time of Registration/ Admission is found to be incorrect or forged.
  • In case the child does not join the academic session after payment of the fee, admission fee amount shall be forfeited. In case of not joining information must be given at least one month prior to the starting of the session, else one Month Composite Fee along with the Admission Fee will be forfeited.
  • For Grades I and above, Transfer Certificate (TC) from the institution last attended.