School is the second home to a child. Gyanshree has been thoughtfully planned across 10 acres of sprawling green campus, with state-of-the-art infrastructure and modern teaching tools, amenities and facilities. These include:


Our classrooms are well equipped with smart boards, which are connected to our R&D Centre.


Our library caters provides access to a wide range of curriculum resources, fiction and non-fiction, digital, print, audio and visual.


Our state of the art Language, Mathematics, Social Studies, Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories provide opportunity and environment to all children to learn through self-exploring and hands-on experiments.


Children learn in many different ways: visual, auditory, tactile, kinaesthetic, and social. Our active learning centre ACTIVIA engages children in purposeful play. It provides activities that require kids to use their hands as well as their minds through rhymes, stories, role play, manipulatives and interactive boards.


LCD monitors are installed in all the computer labs, library and administrative block. The campus is Wi-Fi enabled.


The school infirmary is well equipped with all necessary equipment to provide first aid and primary medical care in case of emergencies, with a full time in-house doctor and nurse.


Our cafeteria will provide hygienic and healthy food to the children during recess time.


The campus is under CCTV surveillance and has trained and vigilant security personnel.


The school has its own fleet of comfortable air-conditioned buses designed as per standards and manned by trained drivers and personnel sensitized to the needs of small children.