Mrs. Rita Kapur, Director – Education
Rita Kapur - Gyanshree

Director – Education, the Society and School Mrs. Rita Kapur, recipient of the National Award- 2004 for Teachers by President of India, has more than 30 years of experience in teaching, counselling, training and administration. Her passion to work for the underprivileged section of the society inspired her to establish a DPSG school for the underprivileged children. Whilst at DPSG, she worked on innovative projects initiated by NCERT and IIT, Delhi.

These efforts evolved an Indian substitute for the Kindergarten and Montessori system, which is being used all across the country. She was the leading light to empower the student and teacher community and establish lasting ties between countries/schools such as Singapore-Raffles, Germany – Waldorf group of schools and others in Australia, UK and USA. At Gyanshree, she seeks to better her previous accomplishments in the area of pedagogy.

Message from Director – Education Gyanshree is a highly progressive and pioneering school, pledged to provide quality education, with great emphasis on traditional values. We offer a unique educational experience for children as we believe that the children need to be taught how to think and not what to think. We acknowledge our human obligation to cultivate a new generation that will take care of the environmental, social and economic challenges ahead. Linked with our commitment to global education is the vision to promote the inner moral compass; this balance will enable them to take the helm and steer their way through human complexities, enabling them to exhibit goodness, honesty and compassion with confidence. After all, it is the learning that will impact and transform the future. In our quest for excellence, we accept the challenge to remain at the forefront of valid educational changes with continuous improvement of teaching and learning and the use of innovative practices.

With your support and feedback, we will continue to raise the bar of excellence as we mould young minds with sound character, clarity of thought and the courage of conviction. Welcome to the school, where minds are ignited, plans are envisioned and dreams are realized. Wish you a joyful journey ahead.