Our curriculum envisages integrated learning experiences for children. It is at par with the curriculum of any international school in NOIDA. It is one of the few schools in NOIDA that encourages the students to explore, discover and learn from their surroundings – connecting classrooms with real life experiences.

Effortless Learning Programme (ELP)

The ELP at Gyanshree School Noida is a researched programme, embracing the philosophy, guidelines, approaches and methodologies of Dr. Maria Montessori, Dr Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence, CBSE and CBSE-I.

ELP at Pre-Primary School

  1. It is child- centred, which encourages active learning through exploration and play.
  2. It introduces children to literacy, numerical concepts, EVS and life skills that encourage them to sense, observe, investigate, connect and conclude.
  3. It awakens the mind and infuses the intellectual knowledge with aesthetic experience.

ELP at Primary School (I – V)

  1. It facilitates application of knowledge through integrating projects and activities.
  2. It enriches and compliments children’s classroom learning by organizing appropriate challenges through various resources.
  3. It enables children to compare, question, analyse, investigate, collaborate and contribute.

ELP at Senior School (VI – X)

  1. It is innovative, relevant, evolutionary and developmental.
  2. It balances the integration of acquired knowledge, skills and its application – connection into action and content areas, fostering High Order Thinking Skills (HOTS).
  3. It builds children’s self-confidence and assurance through planned assessments and revision strategies which are an integral part of teaching and learning.

ELP at Senior Secondary School (XI & XII)

  1. It is interdisciplinary and bridges contextual learning and project learning.
  2. It offers professional learning opportunities that promote field-based pedagogical skills and competencies.
  3. It is collaborative, uses enabling and empowering technologies, thus enhancing information and subject fluencies. It measures progress, completeness and accuracy through timely assessments, giving appropriate and detailed feedback/reflection.